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Michael Bell of  Bell Construction, Inc. is a native of Northwest Indiana, and like many area builders, has a family background in the business.

"Influenced as a youngster by my uncle, Jim D. Williams, a contractor in Valparaiso and my grandfather, who worked as a trim carpenter, I was taught the importance of doing things right.  If something doesn't turn out right, take it down and do it over. These values are still important to me today."

As a young man, and after serving in the Navy, Michael returned to work with his uncle and grandfather for five years.  With their guidance his specialty became custom woodworking, building cabinets and specialty items.  Michael says, "They were basically old-time builders;  so we did our own plumbing, electric, heating, bricklaying, concrete, and what ever was necessary to complete the construction.  Obviously, those days are over, but the experience I received in seeing how the different trades work, has helped me in identifying whether my own subs are doing a good job."

"I knew I wanted to build houses.  I had learned a great deal from my family, I had taken architectural and business courses at Purdue North Central, so starting my own business was the next logical step.  In 1981 I started with just one employee doing remodeling, additions, garages, roof tear offs, sub-contracting for other builders, what ever we could get.  I felt we were successful because we were very busy, even in a bad economy."

"I built my first house under my own name in 1987 and two more in 1988, and we've grown steadily from that point on.  The majority of the homes we build are what I call customer-custom homes.  We have several designs that we have built and normally have one home for speculation at all times so our clients can see our work.  We can then take parts of the plan and make changes to personalize it for the customers, but they're buying based on a product they have actually seen.  We are also custom builders.  If a customer comes to us and wants something special, we will build the style he or she wants."

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